What is Proposition 65 and Proposition 65’s Testing Requirements:

Proposition 65 makes it mandatory for every business to give warning labels to people in California about exposures to various chemicals that causes cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. This became the law when it was approved in November 1986, when the vote was 63 to 37% rate. Proposition 65 is applicable to every consumer good sold in the state, which means this effect all the domestic manufactures, and its retailers.

Businesses are required to provide a clear warning before exposing others to listed chemicals. The warning signs can be labeled on the consumer product, posted at work places, and newspapers.

Some items that are required for testing are cases for cosmetics, laptops, wallets and organizers. Also clothing, electric products, eyewear/ eyeglasses, food/ food contact products, premium & decorative items. Additionally, jewelry, stationery, journals and planners. Here at Gala Deluxe, all our packaging and products are proposition 65 approved.

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