What is Anti-dumping and What paper products are included? (Part 1 – Notebook)

Anti-dumping happens when a manufacturer from out of the United States sells goods in the U.S. less than its actual value. This leads to decrease in sales for industries in the United States. Anti-dumping in companies are very in dept with its duty calculations. The duties are calculated with a purpose to build back the breaks into fair market values.

Many lined paper products are included in anti-dumping, such as school supplies, notebooks, and notepads. However, labeling products as school supplies or non-school supplies is not describing the composition of the papers.  Some papers have straight horizontal or vertical lines on 10+ paper sheets and there are no minimum page requirements for loose-leaf filler papers. This includes single and muti-subject notebooks, composition books, wireless notebooks, loose-leaf/ glued filler paper, graph paper, and laboratory notebooks.

The smaller dimensions for paper measuring are 6 to 15 inches and for larger dimension is 83/4 to 15 inches. Exclusions from this would be trade marked products, Fly lined paper products, Zipes notebooks, and Five-star Advance and Flex notebooks, etc.

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