Pros and Cons of Collapsible Rigid Boxes & Are they right for your business?

Many people have questions about collapsible rigid boxes and if it is right for their business. A collapsible rigid box is a type of rigid cardboard box that can be fold-able. There are many pros of a collapsible rigid box, one major pro is that since this type of box is fold-able, it makes shipping a lot easier.

Collapsible rigid boxes are durable, simple yet it can still look high-end with a magnetic closing. Adding a ribbon on the top can not only act as a closing but a bag handle as well. This is perfect for high-end products such as hand bags or anything fashion related. Gala deluxe is very experience with collapsible rigid boxes as we have done some various cosmetic products and for Gladys Tamez Millnery.

We can even include custom print and design for your labels, with different options your business can choose from on what is best for you. Adding silver or gold foiling for your logo print can also add a high-end finishing touch to it for luxury branding.

On the other hand, the con of a collapsible rigid box is that people worry that it will not last as long when you keep folding it and does not close well after a while. The shipping cost might also be more and takes longer to produce. All in all, collapsible rigid boxes are suitable for your business if you would like a unique and upscale packaging for your brand.

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